Self Care during COVID-19

I noticed I was going to bed later and later – suddenly it was a 3am bedtime for me. This meant I started not getting enough sleep since our parrot needs to get up between 8am and 9am and the light through the windows starts making my sleep less deep. I was becoming more tired, started ordering more door dash and pizza and then I am even more tired. I started getting depressed as I the house was getting messy. As a therapist, I knew what I needed to do – even though it is hard to remember sometimes.

  • Create a schedule that includes going to bed in time to get enough sleep.
  • Make a list of short term goals such as cleaning out a closet or creating a garden or even working on art or reading a book you were putting off.
  • Find toxic things in your life and change them. If Facebook makes you upset, change your newsfeed or limit your time on facebook or even stop using it.
  • Start problem solving things that annoy you. Does your phone always fall off your night stand consider a basket. Tired of going into a cabinet, drawer or closet and everything falling out on you – figure out a storage system.
  • Consider a journal – you don’t need to write anything amazing – you can even just doodle or draw or write a few words – electronic blogs even work.
  • Choose a time of the day that works for you to go outside and enjoy some outdoor time. Take a walk, run or just enjoy reading outside.
  • If you are worried or upset, contact family and friends, a crisis hotline, a therapist or an employee assistance program.

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