Constant Coming Out

Many of my friends and clients who are transgender, constantly have to decide whether they need to come out. There is the initial coming out to family, friends, work, doctors, therapists and anyone dealing with identity documents.  When they meet people as their authentic self, there becomes a question of whether they need to disclose […]

Hormone Letters

Probably the number 1 thing clients who are transgender or gender expansive come to me for is hormone letters (a letter from me to refer the client for gender confirmation hormone therapy).  I have some pretty strong beliefs on hormone letters – mainly that I am NOT a gatekeeper. I am a member of WPATH (World […]

New Year’s Resolution… Be good to yourself

Last year, I finally figured out a New Year’s Resolution that I couldn’t break. It is to be good to yourself.  So this is how it goes: My only resolution this year is to be good to myself. This mean to be good to myself physically, spiritually, mentally, socially, psychologically and in any other way […]