Fully Furnished Play & SandTray Therapy Room in Pocket Area

Located at Florin and Greenhaven in the Pocket area

Suite has 2 offices with a large waiting room, microwave and minifridge, wifi, alahambra water – bathrooms across the hall.

This office is about 10×14.

And comes fully furnished with LOTS of play and sand tray therapy toys and a sand tray.  There is a desk and a small bookcase in the room.  Filing cabinets available in the office also some storage shelves.  Printer and Fax in office.  Lots of parking.  Waterfall in atrium area of office complex.

1st Floor – Handicapped Accessible.

Contact Heather for more information at hcblessing@authenticlifepath.com

Rates are $100 per day of the week per month.  (ie working Mondays is $100 a month)  and $50 per half day (morning until 1pm or 1pm to night)


   Waiting Room Looking from Front door

Outside the office water fall in the atrium area