Fighting depression during this crazy times…

Your life may have been turned upside down.  You may have had to move back home or you might be working from home or even lost your job.  We as humans tend to like structure, things we can count on and definitely not change we have no control over.

We cannot control many things right now but we can control some of our day to day activities that help manage anxiety and depression.

  1.  Create a daily schedule.  This does not have to be a “normal” schedule but a schedule that works for you.  Maybe due to the household you want to get up at 11am to beat the morning crazy rush.  Plan your meals, time to exercise or get out of the house, time for reading, playing video games, working, whatever but make sure you schedule in fun time.  That time maybe watching comedy, checking in with friends, playing D&D online – whatever makes you feel good.
  2. Make sure you keep active.  Exercise and activities help the chemicals in your body create a natural antidepressant.  Take a walk or a bike ride, walk the dog, even read outside.  If you like to garden now is a good time to enjoy that.
  3. Take a showers, get dressed and do your hair.  You do not need to dress to impress but it is true that if you look better you feel better.  If you are trying to learn new ways to do your hair or your makeup – now is a good time to try.
  4. Listen to music that makes you happy.  So often we pick music that connects with us.  A breakup and we are listening to breakup songs to make us cry.  Try listening to upbeat music that you can happily sing a long to.
  5. Do what makes you laugh.  I love cartoons – they make me laugh – also really stupid tv shows and videos or any type of dad joke.  Whatever makes you laugh – do it.  Laughter helps change the chemical balance in your body and that can last for hours.
  6. DO NOT create super long to-do lists.  This is one of the areas I struggle with.  I see “down time” as time to get things done and create ridiculous lists that even the flash could not finish and then I beat myself up – so I switched to lists of no more than 10 simple things a day.  Instead of writing down clean closet – I state clean hall closet for 15 minutes and set a timer.  That way I can accomplish it and check it off – after all if I keep at it – it will get done.
  7. Connect with those you enjoy spending time with – by phone, email, chat or video.  Set aside time you can laugh and enjoy life together – watch a movie together on the phone or via video.

Most importantly love yourself and be good to yourself.  Reach out if you are struggling.

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