Laughter is the best medicine…

It has been shown in many studies that while short lasting fight and flight responses can help the immune system, longer chronic responses can hurt the immune system.  We are currently living in a time that is causing many to have stress, anxiety and depression – all of which hurt the immune system and can make it easier to get sick or have a hard time fighting off an illness or condition.

While laughter and humor has been hard to scientifically come up with a methodology that takes into account what people find humorous – many studies do show a positive effect on the immune system.

I take science seriously but I also pay attention to how something makes me feel.  So if studies have shown for sure that anxiety and stress and depression at a chronic level hurt the immune system, I look at what can make me not feel so stressed, anxious and depressed.  If I laugh, really laugh at a video or a comedy or something someone said, I notice for several hours I feel much better and do not have much anxiety, stress or depression.

Have you ever really laughed hard and realized you needed that?  Well you probably really did and also noticed that you feel lighter and happier.  This in general is good for you.

Laughter also strengthens resistance to tough and stressful situations.  I personally can attest to this.  I have had some really hard times in my life and what often gets me through is laughing about it.  One of the reasons I married my husband is that he makes me laugh and he can laugh about the craziness of our lives even when things seem really scary or stressful.

So find something you find humorous and watch it … It is good for you!


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