New Year’s Resolution… Be good to yourself

Last year, I finally figured out a New Year’s Resolution that I couldn’t break.
It is to be good to yourself.  So this is how it goes:
My only resolution this year is to be good to myself.
This mean to be good to myself physically, spiritually, mentally, socially, psychologically and in any other way I can think of.
So of course like many, I struggle with my weight.  I plan to eat more healthily in the new year.  But oops, I messed up and ate a whole bag of oreos when I was upset.
So now because of my new year’s resolution, I cannot sit there and beat myself up, instead I chalk it up to knowing I need to work on my emotional eating, determine it is something I will work on with my therapist (yup even therapists see therapists), and tell myself I know I can do better and go enjoy the rest of my day.

Finally a way to make mistakes and not determine you have messed up your new year’s resolutions.

And that is me in the picture above.  One of my good friends is a awesome photographer.  This was one of those things of being good to myself.  I had put off getting a photoshoot done because I was always working on getting thinner, being healthier, trying hairstyles and I always put it off.  I really wanted to have a professional photo shoot done (hadn’t had one done in over 20 years), so I did, instead of berating myself for not losing enough weight or not doing something with my hair or whatever, I decided I deserved to enjoy who I am now and I really did enjoy it.  That picture was not planned, we were in a garden and I loved all of the petals that were on the ground and I through them up to see what they would do in our pretty strong breeze.  My friend was on the ball and caught it.  This is what being good to yourself is.

If being good to yourself means living more authentically or working on your issues and you want to start, send me an email and see if we are a fit for therapy.  I especially love working with those on the gender spectrum or the LGBTQQIAA+ community becoming their authentic selves.

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